Rebranding or refreshing your logo? Great idea!

Rebranding or refreshing your logo? Great idea!


Whether you’re starting a new business, buying an existing one or restructuring your existing operations, a new logo can signify that your business is heading in a new strategic direction. Nothing is more refreshing that a logo that has vibrant colors, that stands out from the competition and gets your firm noticed.

If your corporate logo was created over five years ago, perhaps you may want to consider a simple change, such as the shade or tone, which could make a significant difference in your firm’s image. For more impact or pizzazz, then consider not only new colors but a new design. A refreshed image often signals that there is something new brewing – a new product launch, a new service offering or there is new management at the helm. Not to mention that if you are looking to sell your business, it will attract the attention of prospective clients that would not have otherwise considered your firm.

Take the example of this month’s featured client, Traduction Proteus, Inc., a 15 year-old translation firm based in Montreal, Canada. The current owner, a young and dynamic person, bought the firm eight years ago, and decided recently to re-align the firm down a new path.

In the new design, the firm’s name, Proteus, was made larger and more prominent, while the colors were refurbished with a modern blue and orange hue. Finally, the section break symbol, a classic symbol in the literary world, was incorporated as the finishing touch. The new logo is more modern and dynamic.

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