How Rebranding Can Help You Attract the Right Buyers

How Rebranding Can Help You Attract the Right Buyers


If you recently acquired a new business, are restructuring or perhaps you are thinking of selling one, a refurbished brand image can signify that your business is heading in a new strategic direction. Nothing is more refreshing that an insignia that has vibrant colors, that stands out from the competition and gets your firm noticed!

If the brand was created over five years ago, it might look a little old and tired. You may want to consider refreshing the shade or tone for more impact or pizzazz, and perhaps adding a mascot! A refreshed image often signals that there is something new brewing – a new product launch, a new service offering or there is new management at the helm. More importantly, if you are looking to sell your business, it will attract the attention of prospective clients that would not have otherwise considered your firm.

Take the example of our client, Yetico Inc., a Quebec based firm that has a unique machine that removes snow from trailer roof tops. The owner is planning to retire and has decided to sell the company. To attract a strong potential buyer, the owner decided to rejuvenate the brand.

In the new design, the firm’s original logo remained the same, but a corporate mascot, a snow monster, a YETI, was added for additional punch to reflect strength and determination. A new website (, social media pages and direct marketing material were all redesigned with the new mascot and colors.

AND, yes there are offers on the table!

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