Patrizia Angela Casubolo, President and Founder, Cochic Inc., March 14 2014.

I would like to highlight in this testimonial the excellent work your team at iZita Marketing did to support the creative writing of all our English content that was instrumental in the success of our marketing material.

A warm thank you for your support –The Cochic Team!

Ann Marie Boulanger, President, Traduction Proteus, Inc., May 21 2013.

After making some major changes in my business, I felt that my brand image and website no longer reflected my vision for the company. I consulted with iZita Marketing, who came up with a comprehensive plan to completely redesign my website, social media platforms, and business card, complete with a fresh new logo and a blog. They were a pleasure to work with, extremely knowledgeable and professional, and very efficient, checking in with me every step of the way. Thanks to the team at iZita Marketing, I now have a brand that clearly conveys the values I embrace in my business.

Wadih Tennous, CEO and founding partner of Digital Locksmiths, Inc., May 15 2013.

Zita’s passion for all aspects of marketing and sales strategies is contagious. She always takes the time and goes the extra mile to listen to our corporate needs, devises a plan and gently nudges us in the right direction. With her 25 years experience, her breath and depth of knowledge has made all the difference to the success of our firm. Zita’s zest for creativity is second to none.

Diane Gosselin, Adm. A., PDG, Groupe DG, Verdun, August 29 2012.

Zita, I would like to thank you for Introduction to Social Media semiinar. At my age, I have many reasons to resist change: I’m too old, it’s dangerous, too difficult to understand, I never needed these tools before to run my successful business. In addition to these reasons, there was an innate fear that was not easy to explain.

After speaking with you and thinking over what you had told, I decided to get my feet wet and to take your seminar. This session removed many of my uncertainties and fears. This decision made all the difference. Now I have a Facebook Personal and Corporate Page. I am able to communicate with my clients as well as my family and friends around the world using the two platforms properly – Not mixing business with personal communications!

A great big thank you! There will definitely be a positive change in my business plan.

Tina Mailhot-Roberge, Artist, designer and co-founder of Veodesign, April 12 2012.

Zita is an altruistic, motivated and professional business woman and I consider myself lucky to have the chance to work with her on several projects each year. I am looking forward to repeat the experience in 2012 as well; she has become an essential business partner and excellent asset to my company. You will hardly find someone as devoted and passionate about her work as her!

Jacques Poirier, CSF Financial Consultant, Associate at World Group, LaSalle, February 22 2012.

On Wednesday, February 15, 2012 I had the opportunity to attend the social media workshop presented by Zita. For anyone who desires to understand and learn how to profit from social media, I highly recommend that you attend Zita’s presentation. Your business network of contacts may explode…

Yvon Turcot, Coordinator and Mentor, Forum économique de Verdun, Verdun, November 24 2011.

After attending one of Zita`s social media workshops, we invited her as a guest speaker for our quarterly conference in February 2012. Her dynamic approach and the manner in which she expresses herself makes social media very interesting.

Joanne Dufour, Services Conseils, Verdun, November 11 2011.

The training that I received from Zita Banasinski and the tools that she provided us with will encourage me to perfect my social media applications. I am very grateful for her generosity and the diligent manner in which she persevered to resolve a problem that I had with LinkedIn.

Alain Laroche, Commissaire au Développement Local de Verdun, Verdun, April 08 2011.

Ms. Banasinski, I had the chance to participate at your social media workshop that you held recently and I am very grateful. You were very well prepared; but more importantly, you demonstrated that you master this domain. For a “novice” like me, who had little knowledge of Facebook, Four Square, Twitter and LinkedIn platforms, I must confess that I have come a long way. Thank you for intriguing my curiosity!