Allow iZita Marketing to work its magic!

If you’re ready to come out from behind the veil, and embed social media into the DNA of your own kingdom, our imperial royalists will help you align your efforts to attain your business goals that deliver results.

iZita Marketing is a Montréal based marketing and sales consulting firm chartered to take your kingdom and marketing to the next level. Led by Zita, aka The Branding Wizz, we’ll help you build a social media plan for execution within your budget and timeframe. Our smart royals are always eager to add some magical spells to your marketing campaigns.

We can provide as little or as much help as you need along the way from strategic planning, consulting, training of your executives, staff, and partners, do social media and marketing execution, social media campaigns, custom development of social network profiles and landing pages for Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

Our magical charms will:

  • Provide the knowledge and help needed to provide you with a grip on social media once and for all!
  • Design comprehensive assessment and analysis of your current strategies, review your business objectives and current approach to aligning social media.
  • Develop a written plan summarizing findings, actionable recommendations including identification of immediate opportunities for improvement.
  • Review and analysis of your social network insights and data analysis such as Facebook insights, Twitter following, YouTube statistics, LinkedIn profile optimization, Blog readership via Google Analytics, etc.
  • Provide full recommendations for social brand digital development and enhancements to better connect with target markets and audiences.
  • Design eye catching call to action landing pages that will enhance your brand on social media.
  • Enhance social business integration within the corporation to focus on optimization, growth, streamlining processes and communications.

And most importantly, our smart royals will:

  • Create enhanced social monitoring and measurement tools, technologies & processes as appropriate to optimize your return on investment.

Curious how to do it?

Your wish is our command. Contact iZita Marketing today and let’s get started!


Coaching Workshops — Social Media


a) Individual Coaching Workshops

Need help implementing your social media strategy? Struggling with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter? This program is a 3-hour session designed to help you do just that! We’ll walk you through all the steps providing you with the opportunity for Q&As while saving you lots of time!

b) Group Coaching Workshops

Want your team members or employees trained at the same time? Group sessions are available (max. 10). Each 6–hour session is designed to get your team on board and self reliant. We’ll get your staff registered on three main platforms: Facebook Profile Page, Twitter Profile and LinkedIn. And before you know it, they’ll help you draw new traffic to your sites.

c) Ongoing Coaching Workshops

You feel that you need continued support even after you have launched your social media platforms? Need a fresh pair of eyes to see if you are heading in the right direction? Or, you simply don’t have the time to monitor your accounts on a regular basis? Let us do it for you and you can rest assured and focus on what you do best – running a successful business!

Curious how to do it? Hire The Branding Wizz!

Your wish is our command. Contact iZita Marketing today and let’s get started!