On Julian Septer’s birthday, July 7th,

a lightning bolt strikes his clubhouse and the door becomes a portal to another universe.

And now, on the seventh of unknown month, the magic is released.

This novel is a labyrinth of fun. Julian Septer, who is not your typical eleven-year old boy, gets an electrifying birthday surprise during a stormy day. His clubhouse is struck by lightning and its door becomes a gate to another universe – a magical portal that opens only once a year. And so, on the seventh of an unknown month, Julian and his colourful friends, Amigo Paw, Gaia Feathers and Kalorie Whiskers enter a fantasy world where the most unlikely relationships are formed and their trials unfold. Find out what lies beyond the enchanted red door as Julian, and his magical friends stumble onto the mystical power of — seven.  Embark on the journey – full of mystery, suspense, comedy, drama and girls! (Ages 8-13)

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    We are pleased to inform you that $1 from any Julian Septer e-book sold will be donated to The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. These funds will help change children’s lives by helping to fund unparalleled pediatric medical care, groundbreaking research and innovative treatments.

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