Digital  Locksmiths introduces S.P.E.C. Mobile – Keeping your corporate brand safe!

Digital Locksmiths introduces S.P.E.C. Mobile – Keeping your corporate brand safe!


There is more to corporate branding than a great logo.  Every corporation needs to be cautious about having its internal systems hacked and its financial and confidential information compromised. Not only are large corporate and government systems at risk, but personal computers are vulnerable too. Take for example Michelle Obama, the First Lady, and many other high profile celebrities such as Beyoncé, and Britney Spears; their private finances, including their credit scores and social security  numbers, were leaked in March 2013, when someone managed to obtain them and posted their information on a website.

The sooner we accept that nothing is truly secure in the digital world, the quicker we may develop more dependable means of safeguarding our online information. In addition, with the increasing popularity of social media, staff are using personal mobile devices at work to save sensitive corporate data. This makes them easy targets since most companies are focusing on defending against external threats. The fact is that the biggest threat is their own users.

Unfortunately, most firms only realise how vulnerable or costly such a breach of security is when their systems are hacked. Although there is no perfect solution to this problem, every corporation should ensure that there are clear security checks, which include policies and procedures in their ongoing systems due diligence and staff guidelines.

This month’s featured client, Digital Locksmiths, Inc., a Montreal-based firm, is quickly becoming the renowned expert in this field. Terry Cutler and Wadih Tannous, the founding partners, work as Ethical Hackers to assist businesses in strengthening their security and privacy measures by identifying risks and encouraging more vigilant behaviour. They emphasize how incredibly easy it is for criminal hackers to access sensitive data regardless of how stringent security may appear to be. By looking at your organization’s challenges from both boardroom and user-level perspectives, they are able to lock down vulnerabilities, increase compliance, and enhance performance.

Together, they have created a smart security platform that is geared to make you rethink security, privacy, and investigation. iZita Marketing was hired to help them brand their product and collaborate in producing the video below.

We are pleased to introduce S.P.E.C., (Security, Privacy, Electronic, Concierge) a product that was developed to combat cyber criminals while protecting intellectual properties, and corporate and state secrets. How secure do you think your company is?

Find out by watching the S.P.E.C features and demonstrations video below.



Digital Locksmiths, Inc.’s founding partners, Wadih Tannous and Terry Cutler, interviewed by Robert Scully of The World Show: The Dobson Series on PBS.

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