Making a Great First Impression with your Business Card

Making a Great First Impression with your Business Card


First impressions are always lasting impressions. What about your business card? How impressive is it?

When you hand it out – do people stop and take an extra moment to look at it? Do they comment about the uniqueness, colour, style and/or design or whatever it is that you have done to make your card stand out?

And, what about all of your other marketing/brand touch points, including brochures, website, social media platforms, etc. Do they continue to send out a consistent message that represents your Signature Brand?

Don’t want to be forgotten? Here are 5 branding tips to dress up your business card:

  1. Vibrant eye catching logo: Get a professionally designed logo. It will set you apart from the competition and will show your professionalism.
  2. Creative Design: Invest the money and hire a graphic artist to do the typography and layout properly. It will be money well spent. This may be your most valuable marketing document. It will boost your confidence and will make you prouder to hand it out.
  3. Two sided: Most business cards usually have all pertinent information printed on one side while the back is often left blank. Use this valuable space to display prominently your corporate logo and slogan allowing for more space on the other side for corporate coordinates and information about your services.
  4. Color: Although the standard beige and white cards are always a classic choice; however, color adds impact. Often business cards are thrown in a box; yours will naturally stand out and make it easier to be found.
  5. Social media icons: In today’s times, most businesses have some presence on at least one social media platform. Let your contacts know how to find you and include a Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn logo. These icons may be more important than your civic address.

With a well designed business card, don’t be surprised if your clients ask to have additional cards to hand out to their contacts that may require your services.

What special elements does your business card incorporate to help your brand message? What ‘ahas’s does it have? What action step are you going to take after today’s article? Go ahead and share. Please contact us at 514-363-3995 or, it’s always great to hear from you!