6 tweaks to your social media “to do” list

6 tweaks to your social media “to do” list


Do set aside a budget to manage social media platforms.
Although most social media applications are free to sign up, be prepared to invest time and money to develop eye catching landing pages.

Do make sure you have a clear strategy from the outset.
Determine whether social media platforms are right for you and if so, which ones: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc. There are hundreds out there so be selective and use the ones that will work for you. Start with one application at a time and when you feel comfortable move on to another.

Do set up monitoring tools to follow your activities. What are the gains for your business and what are the potential pitfalls and risks? Social media might not be the most appropriate way to support your goals, do your research, test and adjust your marketing strategy.

Do decide just how you want people to ‘interact’ with your brand.
Will the applications be a billboard, or a genuine space where they can interact with your organisation, its products and brands? Either approach might be right for your organisation, but the choice of which will very much depend on the outcomes you want to achieve. Make sure that whichever route you take, you are flexible.

Do assign someone to be responsible for managing and maintaining your presence. You need to be on the ball when it comes to monitoring, responding to and seeding posts, content and discussion threads.

Do decide if you are likely to face controversial, negative and even hostile threads. People often use social media to ‘complain’ especially if they have issues they feel have not been resolved to their satisfaction. This is often a customer service or PR issue and should not be ignored. Constructive criticisms from your clients and foes could actually help grow your business.

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