6 Tips on Maximizing Your Success on LinkedIn

6 Tips on Maximizing Your Success on LinkedIn


1. Complete your profile.

Just like any other type of social media platform, an incomplete profile can cause your image to look unprofessional. With LinkedIn, it is essential that your profile be as complete as possible. Visitors will have everything at their fingertips to make that important decision- “Should I or shouldn’t I contact this person?” This could be your opportunity to WOW them with your impressive credentials.

2. Optimize the additional LinkedIn apps!

One of the most underutilized aspects of LinkedIn is the apps for profiles. Take advantage of this feature and include your website address, links to your Facebook and Twitter Pages. These apps enable your visitors the opportunity to get to know you and what you have to offer. Remember, social media apps are instrumental in drawing traffic to your website, where your products and services are explained more fully. More visits, more clients.

3. Join professional groups. Or even better, start one!

Join groups to increase your visibility. Groups are one of the best ways to connect with your ideal audience and people with similar interests. Explore a range of groups – especially those outside of your immediate comfort zone. You can start by becoming a member of groups that appeal to you. Explore each one to gain an understanding of what happens within a group. When comfortable, start your own group and discussions, to generate conversations and build relationships. Then enjoy a growing network!

4. Set a new standard. Add value.

Remember, the key to social media is to be “social”.  Provide value, knowledge and advice. Whether you want to share valuable information within your group, on your profile, or in someone else’s group, give your connections something worth their time. LinkedIn is a great tool to help you showcase your expertise and share your knowledge with business owners who are seeking what you know. Become the local guru!

5. Give praise and offer recommendations. What goes around, comes around!

When you recommend someone with a referral or a testimonial, you add value and increase your own visibility. LinkedIn is a great opportunity for you to build high quality relationships. However, in order to make that happen, give before asking others to help you out. If you give an awesome recommendation or introduction, the chances of someone offering them in return are much higher.


Be personal. Be real.

Instead of relying on the generic messages that you can send when trying to connect with someone, take the time to write a personal note. Use that individual’s name in the salutation. You could almost hear the smile on their face.

When providing a testimonial, in addition to a professional recommendation, include a personal note about your referral. Everyone likes to be flattered. By doing things differently on LinkedIn, you will set a new standard.

Be different. Share the love. Get noticed!

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