How to maximize your visibility online:  Six reasons to add social media to your marketing mix

How to maximize your visibility online: Six reasons to add social media to your marketing mix


Before you dismiss social media as an integral component in your marketing mix, did you know that:

1. The average income for a Canadian Twitter or LinkedIn user is over $100,000 CDN?

2. Today’s typical consumer needs to be exposed to your brand or product 6-7 times before he/she makes a purchase?

3. Social media raises your ranking on search engines and these applications often rank ahead of your corporate Website?

4. The most influential consumer segment (25 – 45 years of age) ignores main stream advertising and seeks the advice from family and friend on social media before purchasing?

5. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have corporate platforms with powerful measuring tools to analyse visitor traffic? and,

6. Corporations use their Facebook and Twitter addresses instead of their Website address in major advertising campaigns (i.e. etc.).

The pioneer users of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn are leaving university and in entering the work force in masses. They are quickly becoming the most powerful purchasing segment; a sector that can no longer be ignored if a company wants to survive in five years.

Where does one start when it seems that a new social media platform sprouts daily?

Answer: Begin with one platform at a time and promote one product or service. Invest 15 minutes a day and test for a predetermined time frame (i.e. 3-6 months). Monitor your activities and if required, adjust your strategy. And, before you know it, your comfort level will rise, and you will be on your way to becoming a social marketing guru!

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