Overwhelmed? 10 key steps to get you started on social media!

Overwhelmed? 10 key steps to get you started on social media!


Some business owners think that in order to reach as many clients as possible, they need to be on all the social media platforms. Not only may you be scattering your efforts, but also your message. As different applications serve diverse sectors of the market, a targeted approach works best. Consumer based products or services may fair better on Facebook and Pinterest. For those in advisory roles such as lawyers, accountants and financial planners, Twitter and LinkedIn may be more suitable and should be incorporated in their marketing mix.

Remember, social media applications are used as teasers to draw a follower to your Web site where more complete information on your product features and attributes can be provided.

To start your journey, consider these 10 key steps to a successful marketing campaign:

  1. Establish clear marketing goals and objectives
    (i.e. budget and resources).
  2. Identify key social media applications that are appropriate for your
    business (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ etc.).
  3. Build your platforms and link them to your corporate Web site.
  4. Explore the different applications so that you can interact with your
    target clients (invite to events or seminars etc.).
  5. Test your message or product offering before any official launch:
    Try one platform at a time with one product or service over a period
    of time (3-6 months).
  6. Monitor results and adjust your campaign, if necessary.
  7. Determine timeliness and frequency of communications.
  8. Offer “Advice” versus “Selling” – highlighting key features and attributes.
  9. Be transparent- honesty goes a long way in social media; and
  10. Track, analyse and optimize – and start again!

And before you know it, you will have committed followers who will become new clients!

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