Logos in the new millenium

Logos in the new millenium


Gone are the days of obsessing over the perfect corporate logo.  Fortune 500 companies used to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars conducting market research studies, mastering the psychological impact of colors and obtaining a trademark for their firm’s signature.

Lawyers would hide behind the corporate skirts like little toddlers waiting to pounce on anyone who seemed to be remotely playing with their letters or heaven forbid, use the same shade of blue. The tantrums started, lawsuits were filed, and boardroom wars were fought, just because another company used the same font!

Now fast forward to the new millennium. Corporations are now flattered that you play with their logos…and change their colors! Like maturing toddlers who have past their terrible twos, corporation executives no longer scream “NO!” and ask “Want to be my friend?”

Take a look at social media logos. Many use similar fonts and shades of blue. When Mark Zuckerman, founder of Facebook, was asked why he chose that particular shade of blue, he replied that he was color blind and that it was the only color he could see.

Synopsis: $0 spent on market research and psychological reports! With the swirl of a paint brush, (or should we say a Photoshop brush) the infamous logo has been painted every shade of the rainbow.

Does anyone care? Yes! Facebook is now worth billions thanks to the free publicity it has received by aspiring Internet artists.

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