What brand image does your firm project?

What brand image does your firm project?


A brand image refers to how a corporation is perceived. Typically, an image is designed to be appealing to the public, so that the firm can spark an interest among consumers, generate brand equity, and thus facilitate product sales.

A key element in building confidence in a corporate image is stability. Clearly defined guidelines, from basic communication tools such as stationery to mass media advertising tools, must showcase the corporation’s vision, mission and values in order to support its message, activities and practices to all of its stakeholders and clients. These elements establish a firm’s identity whether it is serious and prestigious conglomerate, such as a large financial institution or a fun and creative company, such as an art studio.

Firms that neglect their true identities are sending the message that they are uncaring, unprofessional and unpredictable. Would you buy products or services from a company that is sloppy and inconsistent with its image? Most people would think twice.

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