Social Media “Netiquette” – Be careful!

Social Media “Netiquette” – Be careful!


Want to leave a lasting impression using social media platforms? You need a great marketing strategy.  Learn great “Netiquette“.

Know the rules = Gain followers.             Break the rules = Get blocked!

With today’s social platforms, there is a new way to communicate. Gone are the days of pushing and selling your products and services. Say hello to the new virtual reality.

Have a global corporate strategy using multiple platforms for the widest reach. Employ multiple platforms in different departments with mixed messages.
Be transparent: provide detailed information on your offers. Over glorify your product or services to cover defective merchandise or defaults.
Track your ROI and learn what works best for you or your company. Adjust strategy accordingly. Ignore results and continue with ineffective or inappropriate mediums.
Sing the praises of successful products and services. Badmouth the competition.
Offer advice, references and referrals. Sell. Sell. Sell.
Post interesting articles on a consistent basis to attract your target market/followers. Never SPAM!
Share your expertise and knowledge about your field. Write hate mail or post negative comments.
Have fun learning new platforms and embrace the challenges. Complain when platforms don’t meet your requirements.
Upload inspirational pictures and videos. Upload obscene or violent pictures and videos.
Listen and learn from your followers. Ignore any constructive feedback.
Promote new enhanced features. Mislead with unrealistic attributes.
Allow followers to post useful comments. Control every message or block comments.
Be a positive role model, always.  Never swear! Write when angry or frustrated.

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