Zita is a zealous person who possesses a vivid imagination, dreams of faraway places and has a huge passion for traveling. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from a Concordia University (Montréal, Canada), with a major in Finance and Marketing. Upon completing her studies, Zita was swept off her feet in the pursuit of her dreams.

With over 20 years of experience, her career started in 1986 as a trader for a Swiss brokerage firm, Lombard Odier,  with offices in Geneva, Switzerland. Following the stock market crash that year, Zita decided that the ups and downs of the stock markets were exactly where she wanted to be and joined The Montreal Exchange as a Marketing Manager, Derivative Products. Over the next three years, she was instrumental in developing and marketing Canada’s first bond futures and bankers’ acceptance contracts. Today, these contracts have grown exponentially making The Montreal Exchange Canada’s leading derivatives exchange.

In 1992, seeking another challenge, Zita accepted a position as Product Manager, Marketing Investment Funds, at Standard Life Canada, a multi-billion dollar international insurance corporation. Her mandate was to launch a family of investment funds on the Canadian market using – Direct Marketing. Standard Life’s family of funds grew rapidly and its distribution network expanded to offer third party funds. By the time Zita was off on a different adventure, Standard Life was offering over 400 funds.

In 1998, Zita caught a travel bug on one of her many business trips and decided to fulfill her passions, expand her wings to explore the world. She co-founded BanGarci International, an export corporation, in collaboration with a Canadian consortium, whose primarily role was to export Canadian manufactured goods to Latin American countries. Zita learnt the many intricacies of the Spanish language and diversified cultures.

In 2002, Zita was ready to settle down and build her kingdom in Montréal. She joined Desjardins Group, the world’s largest cooperative financial institution to launch and market its range of VISA products and services (individual credit card, business card and merchant services) across Canada. Over a span of eight years, she held numerous senior strategic marketing and sales positions and was a member of Desjardins’ PanCanadian Executive Committee.

Today, Zita is the Founder, Marketing and Sales Specialist at iZita Marketing, a consulting firm headquartered in Montréal, Canada. Since 2008, Zita has been busy assisting small and medium businesses by transferring her knowledge and wisdom to share in their success. In addition to her business consulting work, speaking and training services, her firm offers a range of complimentary services such as e-commerce, social websites, social media branding, creative packaging and more!

What does Zita excel at?

Zita works her magic with businesses using new media strategies and social business frameworks to build palatial communities between corporations, customers, employees, and other stakeholders by creating experiences that inspire and connect brands with people and professional relationships that endure and grow collectively.

After applying her proven marketing methods, her clients typically experience a significant increase in traffic, subscribers, clients, affiliates, lucrative strategic alliances and targeted media attention.

How does Zita do this?

With the flick of a wand, her magic helps her subjects to:

  • Work smarter, not harder.
  • Attract new clients.
  • Develop well planned marketing and sales strategies that become the foundation of their success.
  • Throw out the old and embrace new trends and technologies.
  • Integrate marketing initiatives that offer higher return on investment and efficiencies.
  • Share their success in a smaller amount of time thanks to social media.

And most importantly,

  • Take the time to smell the coffee and chat with nobles, in a far far away kingdom!

Ready to work some magic into your corporate palace?

Hire The Branding Wizz today! Your wish is her command. Contact Zita today and let’s get started!